Can Exercise Tone Flabby Arms?

Can exercise tone flabby arms? Absolutely! We all carry our weight in different parts of our bodies, and for some people, their upper arms are a common place. Exercise can’t spot reduce a specific area of your body; however, a balanced diet coupled with exercise can help reduce body fat – including the backs of the arms.

Triceps exercises will help strengthen your triceps muscles, which will help reduce the appearance of flabby upper arms. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) sponsored a study to identify the most effective triceps exercises. After testing several well-known movements, the triangle push-up was identified as the most effective triceps exercise.

If you are hoping to strengthen your triceps, check out my quick, five-minute “banish flabby arms” workout that you can tack on to an existing workout or if you are short on time, do it by itself. Additionally, I’m including some of my favorite cardio and strength training workouts, which will help with overall weight loss and strength training.

5 minute Triceps Workout:

12 Triangle Push-ups

12 Triceps Dips on the Ground

12 Triceps Kickbacks

Repeat 2-3 times total.

Here are some of my favorite workouts to help burn calories and strengthen muscles:

Small-Space Workout

Isometric Burn Workout

20-Min. AMRAP Workout

5-minute flabby arms workout.png

Toned Arms Workout - No Weights Needed!

Bingo wings, bat wings, lunch lady arms - these are some of the colorful terms I hear my clients use to talk about their upper arms.  Ab workouts and arm workouts are what my clients request the most.  The tricky thing about arm workouts is that you can't just do a few sets of arm exercises and immediately have Michelle Obama arms. You also have to throw in some cardio if you have any fat on your arms. You can build muscle, but if you have excess fat on your arms, it's going to be harder to see the muscle. (Also, what you eat can affect this, too. Make healthy choices! )

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