Work With Me

Having a personal trainer teach you proper form and challenge you with customized workouts is a helpful way to get started on a training program. My goal is to get all of my clients to a place where they can do it on their own. Check out some options below for working with me. As always, if you have questions, feel free to shoot me an email at

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Beginner Strength Training Program - Getting Started

We will start with a phone call to determine goals, injuries and customized needs. Next, I will create two, customized strength training programs for you. We will set up two, 30-min. session times (via Skype or another program) for me to work with you on the workouts and help you with form.

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Virtual 1:1 Personal Training via Video Conferencing

Need a personal trainer but don’t want to leave your home? We will work out virtually using online video conferencing technology. All workouts will be customized for your environment and geared toward helping you reach your fitness goals! You determine the frequency and desired length of the sessions.

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Ebook about getting started on an exercise program

Having worked with clients for more than six years, I have seen clients achieve amazing results…and I’ve seen clients quit. This book is designed to be a realistic approach to get moving. It’s a collection of practical steps and strength training workouts to get you moving. To be released in January 2019!