Small-Space, Full-Body Workout

A few weeks ago, I was staying in a hotel with my son. He likes to sleep in, so if I wanted to squeeze in a morning workout, I had to do it in a very small, confined space. I also had to make sure it wasn't super noisy. That's how this workout was created.  It was just supposed to be something to get me moving; however, I was sore the next day. I'm not sure if it was the squats, lunges or all of the above!

Whether you are traveling or just looking for a new workout, give this one a shot!

Circuit #1:

20 Squats (really squeeze your glutes at the top)

10 Push-ups

15/side Lateral hops (Lower impact is to do a lateral step.)

Do for a total of 3 times.

Circuit #2:

50-second Wallsit (Start in one position and hold for 10 sec. Then sink a little lower and hold that position for 10 seconds. Continue with this format until you have completed 50 seconds. The last 2-3 positions should be very low and challenging.)

1-Minute Plank

10/side Single Leg Deadlifts (with or without weight)

15-Second Superman hold

20 Side Lunges with floor touch (10 per side); Low impact option - Lateral Step-Up on stairs. (Instead of facing forward toward the step, have the side of your body facing the step. Carefully step up with the foot closest to the stair and have the other foot follow. Then step back down. Switch sides.)

20 Bicycle Crunches (modification included in video)

15 Chair Tricep Dips

Small Space Workout.png