At Home Beginner Weight Lifting Routine

This strength training workout is designed for beginners or for individuals who need a low impact workout because of knee or hip injuries. All of the moves are bodyweight moves, so you can do this strength training workout at home, the gym or even your hotel room. Remember when you are just starting out: listen to your body. If you feel sharp pain or extreme discomfort while you are working out, STOP! As I tell my clients (and myself), no workout is worth an injury!

If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, make sure you've consulted your physician to ensure you are ok to workout.

10 Modified Jumping Jacks

10 Cross Punches

8 Wall Push-ups or Push-ups on the Ground

8 Superman - Y, T and Arrow Positions

8 Prone Leg Lifts (alternating legs) - 8 per leg

10 Lying Frog Kick

Big Arms Circles to the front - 20 sec; to the back 20 sec.

10 Low kicks to the front - opposite hand to foot

10 Alternating Hamstring Curls

10 Alternating Straight Arm Tricep Kickback (This exercise can be done with weights, water bottles or nothing at all.)

10 Fire Hydrants (per leg)

15 Crunches

Repeat one more time! You are done! Make sure you aren't strength training on consecutive days. Your muscles need time to repair and strengthen