10-Minute Full Body Workout

If you are short on time, this is a quick, full-body workout that combines both cardio and strength training moves. It's only 10 minutes, but make sure you do a warm-up prior to starting and a cool down once you are done with the circuit. If you want something longer than 10 min., repeat this workout 2-3 times!

1 Min. Walking Lunges with Arms Straight Overhead

1 Min. Walkout Pushups

1 Min. Bird Dogs

30-sec. Bridges followed by 30-sec Bridge Hold

1 min. Surrenders

1 min. Plank with Alternating Leg Lift

30 sec. Hydrants each leg

1 min. Plank Jacks

1 min. Big Arm Circles (30 sec. to front/30 sec. to back)

30 Sec. Straight Leg Raise

30 Sec. Crunches

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