Top 10 Fitness Gifts for Women

These fitness gifts are products the recipient will actually use (and most of them are $30 or less)! Many of them are also great to use if you are traveling - you can stash them in your suitcase and have a mini-gym in your hotel room!

Aqua Be Strong Motivation Bottle - one of the best things about this bottle is the water measurements on the back. It's a great way to track how much you are drinking (or need to be drinking)!

GoFit Polar Foot Roller is a lifesaver for anyone with tired or inflamed feet. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, this is an ideal piece of equipment to have on hand. Just stick it in the freezer for two hours, and it's ready to go!

Therabands are one of my favorite pieces of equipment. You can purchase different resistance bands based upon your level. There are many exercises you can do with these bands, and they are portable!

FrozenPeaz PeazPack are a great substitute for the frozen peas from your freezer that you are using as an ice pack.

180s Bluetooth HD Audio Ear Warmer Headphones are a great gift for any outdoor exerciser. I have a wired version of these ear warmers, and I LOVE them!

Oneplustwostudio's "Burpees hate you too" tank top is a perfect gift for a fitness pal with an extreme dislike of burpees!

Valslides are one of my go-to pieces of equipment for both home and when I travel. They come with a booklet, which provides workout ideas. Also, did I mention that they can make a workout really, really hard??

The FeelGreat foam roller is a must-have for anyone that participates in fitness activities. The benefits of using a foam roller are numerous; plus, you don't have an excuse for not using it if it's in your home!

Goal Getter Fitspiration journal is an easy way to track your workouts, food and other health-related activities.

Belus resistance bands are easy to take with you. These bands also come with an ebook, which gives you some ideas of how to strength train with them.

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