12 Days of Health & Fitness: Day 1

Welcome to 12 Days of Health & Fitness! Each day I will have one, quick fitness or health-related challenge for you to try. I will give a beginner, intermediate and advanced option for each day.

Day 1: Pay for your Productivity - Do one burpee (with push-up!) for every email and/or text you received and sent today. Low-impact option: Do a step back and take out the jump (squat down and place hands on ground, step back into plank, do a push-up, step feet back to hands and stand up). If you are new to burpees, I really like this demonstration.

Beginner Option - Do a modified Jumping Jack. Take out the jump - alternate stepping feet out as your arms come overhead.

how to do a burpee

Photo by:  100lbslater.blogspot.com