Low-Impact Workout for Bad Knees

I am a firm believer that you CAN workout even if you have bad knees, an artificial hip, sore wrists or a sensitive back. You just have to be cautious of what movements you do.

Running isn’t kind to my body, but I didn’t realize that when I was 22. I ran SO many races. I just thought everyone recovered for weeks after a race because of sore knees. Once I acknowledged that I just couldn’t do the longer runs without damaging my knees, I became much more aware of what exercises were better for my body and knees. I still run a few times a week, but I no longer do crazy plyometric workouts or anything that requires constant pounding for an extended amount of time.

Almost all of my clients have some type of ailment that we work around. Working out is not an all or nothing option – you can still work out even if you have an injured area or irritated muscle/joint.

Today’s workout is knee-friendly, so you can squeeze in a workout without irritating your knees. If anything bothers your knees, stop what you are doing and return to a movement that is comfortable. Our goal is to do no harm!

Complete each workout move in the circuit for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit for a total of three times before moving on to the next circuit.

Circuit #1:

Step touch with double punches (add 3 or 5 lb weights if you have them available)

Jab + Jab + Cross (30 sec. per side)

High Knee March with Overhead Reach/Pull

Arm Circles

Circuit #2

Push-ups (standing or on ground)

Seated leg lifts (if you can’t come to the ground, sit in a chair and do leg extensions)

Bridges for 30 seconds; hold bridge for 30 seconds.

Y Raise

Plank Step-Outs (Option - hold plank for 30 seconds)

Circuit #3

Leg Abduction & Lat Raise (Although the video shows a squat, don’t do the squat. It’s too hard on your knees! Just take your leg out to the side.)

Balance Back Kick (30 seconds per leg)

Skaters (Make sure you step out rather than hopping or leaping. This will protect your knees.)

Standing Side Bends (with or without weights)

Knee Friendly Workout for Bad Knees.jpg