Resistance Band Arm Workout You Can Do From Home

TheraBand resistance bands are incredibly convenient because they can be thrown into a purse, suitcase or gym bag. They take up little to no room, yet depending on the resistance that you choose, they can be very challenging.

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The different colors of the bands equate to different resistances. For example, a green band is 4.6-6.7 pounds of resistance; at 100 percent elongation, it provides 4.6 pounds of resistance. If you elongate it to 200 percent, your resistance increases to 6.7 pounds. If you need more resistance, then a black band would provide you with 7.3-10.2 pounds of resistance.

As you use the band for multiple repetitions and sets, you will definitely feel the resistance! As an added bonus, they are also helpful for stretching.

Resistance bands are also an extremely affordable piece of equipment. You can usually purchase a band for about $8-$12. (I’ve paid twice that much for a one-time class at a workout studio!)

If you are looking for a new, at-home workout or a quick workout to try while you are traveling, check out this quick, upper body resistance band workout.  

TheraBand Upper Body Workout - 3 Rounds of 10 Repetitions

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