Sore Knees? Try These Knee-Friendly Exercises

When I was younger, I would jump and hop around with little to no thought about the impact on my body. Now, I cringe when I see someone doing repeated tuck jumps or box jumps. It hurts my knees just watching someone else do it!

If we have an injured body part, we often assume that we just need to give up working out. But, that’s not the case – you just need to find exercises you can do to keep yourself active but not further aggravate your injured area. The important thing to keep in mind is that if you do feel pain in your knees (or any other body part) while doing a movement, stop. No workout is worth injuring your body!

Many of my clients struggle with knee pain, so these are some of my go-to moves that help strengthen their legs but protect their knees. Also, if you are looking for a knee-friendly workout, check out some workouts at the bottom of this post.

Seated Straight Leg Raise

Wallsit with a swiss ball behind your back

Step-ups on Stairs

Modified Jumping Jack

Modified Mountain Climbers

Mini Band Walks

Side Lying Leg Lifts


Single-Leg Deadlifts


Standing Single Leg Circles

Standing Hip Abduction

Plank with Single Leg Lift



Bird Dogs