Get a Full-body Workout From Home in 20 Minutes

I love workouts that require no equipment and minimal space. This workout fits that criteria perfectly – it’s comprised of bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere. There isn’t any complicated choreography in this workout, so you can focus on your form.  Knee-friendly/ back-friendly modifications are listed next to each movement. This is an ideal workout if you don't have time to go to the gym or you prefer to workout from home. Set aside 20 minutes, find a small space in a room and get started! 

It’s a descending repetition workout, so you decrease the number of repetitions each time you complete the entire set of listed exercises. You will complete 10 reps of every exercise in the circuit, then 9 reps of every exercise, 8, etc. You are done when you have completed the last rep of each exercise in your final circuit.

Full Body At Home Workout.png