Low-Impact Workout That Will Get Your Heart Pumping

I've been trying to create more workouts that are low-impact but still manage to get heart rates elevated.  This workout will increase your heart rate, but it is also kind to your joints. It's a body-weight workout, so you don't need anything in order to do it. If you are needing more low-impact options for workouts, give this one a try. It's quick and less jarring than some workouts!

Circuit #1:

1-Minute Standing Opposite Elbow-to-Knee Crunch

12 Rainbow Planks

30-Second Knee Strikes (per side)

Repeat for a total of three times.

Circuit #2:

15 Single Leg Bridge (per leg)

12 Bird Dogs (per side)

15 Side Lying Leg Lifts

Repeat for a total of three times.

Circuit #3:

1-Minute Plank

1-Minute Superman Exercise

1-Minute Quick Feet or High Knee March (whatever is best for your knees)

Repeat for a total of two times.

Low-Impact full-body workout v2.png