Calorie-Torching Pyramid Workout

I have an aversion to doing the same workout more than a few times. I always want something new.  A new workout doesn't necessarily have to be full of different exercises, I just need to switch the format. If I've been doing workouts with a high number of repetitions, then I need to switch to a timed, circuit workout. Changing the format makes the workout more interesting, and the time passes by quicker (and that's a huge bonus)!

A pyramid workout is one of my favorite formats.  You start at the top and go through the list until you reach the last exercise. Then you start with the last exercise and reverse your way back through the list. It's a quick, easy way to get through a workout.

This workout can be done with or without weights. If you want to make your lunges or skaters harder, add some dumbbells. If you need modifications for some of the exercises, comment below or shoot me an email. 

Pyramid #1:

30 Skaters (per leg)

25 Bicycle Crunches

20 Push-ups

15 Single-leg Hamstring Bridges (15 each leg)

10 Spiderman Planks

5 Prisoner Get-Ups (see video for modifications)

(Now reverse your way back through the list: 5 Prisoner Get-Ups, 10 Spiderman Planks, 15 Single-leg Hamstring Bridges, 20 Push-ups, 25 Bicycle Crunches and 30 Skaters.)

Pyramid #2:

20 Reverse Lunges (each leg)

15 Supermen

10 Side Lying Leg Lifts (per leg)

5 Burpees

Pyramid Workout.png