Interval Workout that Will Make You Sweat

In the summer, my son and I participate in a local fitness program called Red Dog Days. It's free and there's a wonderful variety of participants - young, old,  beginners, moms, dads, college athletes and high school athletes.

There are some runs that are Dog Days' traditions, and we all look forward to them. This week was one those anticipated workouts - the Zipper Run.  Although Kansas is considered flat, there are some fantastic hills around the University of Kansas. The Zipper Run incorporates many of these lovely hills - you GET to run up and down five large hills before the run is over.

While I was breathlessly slogging up the hills, I thought about how I like pushing hard during an interval and then having the opportunity to back off until my next push. (I totally coasted downhill.) That's why I love today's Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) workout. You have a minute to complete your list of exercises. As soon as you are done with the exercises, you can rest until that minute is complete. Once the timer goes off, you do it again. If you finish in 20 seconds, you have 40 seconds to rest before starting the circuit again; however, if you finish in 59 seconds, you only have a second to catch your breath before starting again!

If you aren't familiar with the workout moves, please see below for links to videos that show how to do each exercise. I'm also including low-impact options for some of the moves.

Circuit #1 EMOM:

15 Jumping Jacks- Low impact option is a modified Jumping Jack.

5 Burpees - Low impact option is to do a modified burpee using a chair or step.

7 Squats

5 Modified V-ups  (If this is too challenging for your core, substitute crunches for this move.)

Circuit #2 EMOM:

10 Push-ups

10 Skaters (5 each leg) Low impact option - take out the hop and just step back.

10 Reverse Lunges (5 each leg) Low impact option - march up and down on a step 10 times.

5 Seal Jacks - Low impact option - modified jumping jacks .

Circuit #3 - Complete 3 rounds:

10 Surrenders - Low impact option - step up and down on a step 10 times.

10 Plank T-Rotations - Low impact option is to do a modified side plank for 10 seconds each side.

1-Minute Glute Bridge March

15 Side Lying Leg Lifts (per leg)