Recipe of the Week - Broccoli, Cheddar & Brown Rice Cakes

Cooking Light's Broccoli, Cheddar and Brown Rice Cakes are a new favorite dish in my household. We try to make at least one vegetarian meal a week, so I'm always searching for new recipes. This one was a success! My son even ate one! (Disclaimer: he actually likes broccoli, so this wasn't as hard of a sell as it might seem.)

When I made this the recipe for the first time, it took longer than I had anticipated. I really don't like chopping vegetables, so chopping up the broccoli was a bit tedious for me. However, after everything was chopped, the "cakes" took very little time to assemble. Now that I've made this recipe a few times, the prep process is much quicker.

I have had a lot of first-time-recipe disasters, but this one makes up for all of those failures. It tastes good, and it's healthy!