Recipe of the Week - Chicken and Mango Basil Stir Fry

When I set this entree in front of my husband, he said, "This is totally your kind of meal." He was right - I love everything about this delicious Chicken and Mango Basil Stir Fry. It is easy to prepare, tastes fresh and fills you up. It is now one of my favorite dishes to prepare. My son loves rice, so I paired it with jasmine rice. However,  it can easily be served over quinoa or zoodles. I am more of a pineapple girl, so I substituted pineapple for the mango. (For the record, my husband loved this meal, too!)

Sometimes cooking healthy gets associated with being very time consuming, but this recipe totally debunks that notion. It is quick and easy, which is why it's one of my new, go-to recipes.

chicken mango basil stir fry.jpg